Vereijken delivers farrowing systems that work!

We believe that the succes of a pigfarmer starts in the farrowingperiod. The first days of a piglet is the most crucial period for the health, vitality and growth of a pig. That is why, in the year 2018, we have chosen for an in dept specialisation towards the farrowing phase and the suiting farrowing systems.

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Our farrowing systems


  • Robust Farrowing System
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Vari plus

  • Save up to 80% extra piglets
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Pro Dromi

  • Free farrowing systems
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Farrow to wean

  • No weaning stress
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Design your own floor

Vereijken PigFlooring is specialised in flooring and farrowing systems for the pig husbandry. Design your own floor now with the Design Your Own floor module! The products are high-quality, have a proven durability and are sold worldwide by our dealers.

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Other departments

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