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Who is Vereijken

Vereijken is a internationally succesfull familybusiness, chaired on two generations of experience. The first generation has built her knowledge on pigfarming and farmequipment for many years. This experience gave the opportunity to the second generation to change the focus towards the finetuning of the farrowing systems in order to ensure farrowing systems that actually work! Vereijken is now a young and dynamic team with years of experience is its backpocket.
We supply everything you need for your farrowing units. You can buy our products worldwide through our distributors. In that way we make sure piglets all over the world look beautifull!

Vereijken supplies Farrowing Systems that work!

We believe that the succes of a pigfarmer starts in the farrowingperiod. The first days of a piglet is the most crucial period for the health, vitality and growth of a pig. That is why, in the year 2018, we have chosen for an in dept specialisation towards the farrowing phase and the suiting farrowing systems.

At the 22nd of March 2019, the French Cooperative Cooperl joined us in a Joint-Venture in order to create more value for pigfarmers worldwide – read press release.

We count the succes of a farmer in litterperformance: How many of your live born piglets are actually sold with a bonus or extra fee, this bonus is directly related to healthy and happy piglets? Our goal is to reach a litterperformance of 100%. Do you not reach a litterperformance of 100%? Than there is space for improvement! For example by improving the access to collostrum or by optimising your stable climate. Farmers help us to improve. Using there experiences we are able to continuously improve our farrowing systems and to test new concepts. Our team puts effort in research, training, sharing knowledge and support. Everything to make sure that your system actually works!

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Call for personal advice 0492 450733 or send an email to info@vereijkenhooijer.nl

Registration number Chamber of Commerce 61277797

The team

Bart Hooijer
Bart HooijerDirector
Quirijn Dees
Quirijn DeesB to B manager Vereijken International
Ben Voetdijk
Ben VoetdijkAccountmanager
Anouk van Spronsen
Anouk van SpronsenProductmanager Farrowing Systems
Peter van Rooij
Peter van RooijProject Manager Vereijken International
Hans Bartelds
Hans BarteldsAdministration
Ger Kuunders
Ger KuundersExpedition
Jos van Luijtelaar
Jos van LuijtelaarMechanic
Harold Hagelaars
Harold HagelaarsProject manager

The founders

Gesiena Hooijer
Gesiena HooijerVereijken Stable Equipment
Bert Hooijer
Bert HooijerVereijken Stable Equipment
Mr. Vereijken
Mr. VereijkenVereijken Steel

Contact details

Vereijken Products B.V.

Everbest 4c
5741 PM Beek en Donk


T           +31 (0)492 45 07 33

F           +31 (0)492 45 04 00

E          info@vereijkenhooijer.nl

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