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Innovative stable ‘Het FamilieVarken’ starts build

The build of the Family stables starts today

After a long preparation the Family Stables will start building!!! Wednesday 28th of November the start is given. Check the article in ‘het Brabants Dagblad’ (Dutch):

Every day we notice that the pigsector is struggling with the pressure to innovate and becoming more sustainable. At the moment, much is being done to produce more efficiently and especially more piglets per sow per year. The result of more piglets is that these animals are still small, grow slower and increase the risk of mortality before weaning.

Alternative options such as free-farrowing cages and better welfare concepts are often difficult to realize. Our experience is that the pig farmer often likes to think along but is prevented by uncertainty about the future, opaque regulations and for financial reasons, for example because an innovation does not pay for itself in the market.

Precisely because we think that just producing more piglets is not necessarily the solution for sustainable livestock farming, we are constantly looking for alternative ways to advance pig production. We look for these opportunities both within the existing sector and on completely unknown grounds. For example, various initiatives have been started in the past year in existing pig farming, such as the symposium free farrowing in Denmark and active research into the reduction of piglet mortality in the farrowing pen (TOOM). All acquired knowledge is collected and shared again with the pig farmers.

Nevertheless, we believe that the solution does not necessarily have to come from a known corner. That is why we also try to work together completely different projects such as ‘the Family Pig’. In these types of projects, thinking outside the box is a must, and that is inspiring! Want to know more about our contribution to the FamilieVarken?  Keep following us!


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