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Farrow to wean

Less growth deprevation shortly after weaning,less antibiotics and even faster growth with Farrow to Wean!

The farrow to wean system produces piglets of high quality; after weaning the piglets stay in the farrowing system untill they weigh 25kg. According to the farmers, piglets kept in this system are healthier, grow faster and need less feed and antibiotics during weaning- and fattening period.

The amount of space needed for weaned piglets is larger than a standard farrowing system provides. While the size of the farrowing unit needs to increase you can easily combine a Farrow to Wean system with Loose housing.

Because you do not have to move the piglets and the piglets experience lower levels of stress, this type of system requires less attention during weaning. Additionally, you do not have to clean the department after weaning. All in all, this system requires less labour and has lower energy costs.

Pigfarmers with Farrow to Wean system experience less problems with tail- and earbiting. At this moment, several farmers are running tests with long tails or are preparing for this.


*Known from Breeding Company Brummelhuis*

The farrow to wean combi system is simple in management and offers even enough space for free farrowing.
Just simply lift the fence and the sow is free.

The piglets nest on the corridor gives you a perfect overview on your little ones.

Discover here what the farrowing unit of Family Brummelhuis looks like from the inside!

Do you prefer head-to hallway?

Farrow to wean is also available in this way!


The Pro Grip slat (patented) is designed especially for loose housed sows. By combining the permeable profile with a high/low profile, the Pro Grip slat offers a comfortable and stable grip for both sow and piglets. Furthermore causes the V-shaped underside a perfect manure permeability and thus optimal hygiene.

Do you want to know how your Pro Grip floor will look like? Contact us – or click here for the Design Your Own Floor module and Design Your Own Floor!



The cool cast iron slats for under the sow come in many varieties which all fit in or between the plastic Pro Step slats. Furthermore, the cast iron slats offer a comfortable and stable grip for both sow and piglets.

Also available with sow cooling.

Do you want to know what your floor will look like? Contact us, or click here for the Design Your Own Floor module and design your own Pro Step floor!

A concrete slat is beneficial for the claws and the temperature regulation of your young piglets.

The Poly Pro Concrete slat is easy to install with the Poly Pro Support System and is compatible with all other Vereijken slats.

Do you prefer a heated Polymer? Ask for the possibilities!

Behind the cast iron slats, the farrowing floor can be equiped with a galvanised tribar slat, for optimal manure passage and thus good hygiene.

Available in:
• standard edition
• with dungslit
• with dungvalve
• with litter/manure slat (type Bel)

Do you want to know what your floor will look like? Contact us, or click here for the Design Your Own Floor module and design your own Pro Step floor!



Create the perfect microclimate for your piglets!

The ‘Easy Climate’ covers keep the heat inside and eliminate draft.

The climate covers can be operated individually or by central operation; raise the covers during checkup and let them down again when you leave.

The Pro Dromi® Nanny creates a warm and draftfree environment for the piglets while it keeps the surroundings of the sow cool. The preference to lie in the Nanny, the risk on crushed piglets is automatically reduced.

The doublewalled Nanny cubicle is heated by water in the bottom and walls. The cubicle itself is produced in one piece which reduces mounting time, eliminates any sharp edges and makes it easy to clean.

Furthermore, the cubicle is equipped with a transparent lid and can be provided with LED lighting or Easy Catch system,
providing you with the ultimate overview over your piglets and your piglets the best comfort.

The heated waterplates heat your pigletsnests equally such that even the smallest piglet can find its warmth and comfort.

We are happy to advise you in installation and maintenance in order to guarantee a maximum difference between heated plates of only 3 degrees.



Do you want to use a heating lamp? We offer several solutions for lampusage. For example a galvanised lampholder mounted on the penning which can hold two lamps simultaneously.

Height: 50 cm

Width: 62 cm

Also possible to combine with Easy Climate piglet covers


Did you know that a sow willingly wastes her feed to teach her piglets how to eat? Sometimes up to 1/3 of the total amount!

Prevent feed in your manurepits and supply your sow and piglets with an easy accessible trough for both!

Supply your sows with continuous fresh air!

By tending the airinlet you can easily stear the airflow.

Choose for fresh air from the groundchannel, directly at the sow or on top of the front.

Learn more about groundchannelventilation? Read our whitepapers!

“Catch piglets automatically”

With the Easy Catch, your piglets are easy to catch. For example for weighing, medical treatment or regular check-up. This safes you at least one hour of labour!

Check your piglets without turning on the lights?

Install RGB LED lighting.

Choose different colours using the central panel!

A clean stable shows the real pigfarmer.

Stow away your trespa panels in a panel holder!

Safe time and keep your pens clean with a manure sleeve!

Available in trespa and Stainless steel.

Ask for the possibilities.

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