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Name: Boerkamp
Location: Czech Republic
New construction: 525 pens


Holstav in Czechia is a project with 2200 sows that is completely newly built, just across the border. It is a wonderful project that has been thought about for many years with many parties. Much has also been said about the farrowing pen. There must be 525 maternity pens with option to walk free. Holstav is on the other hand a completely new company with a lot of new staff, so their wish was everything as standard and simple as possible. The idea behind Pro Dromi® appealed to them, but they preferred a loft that was recognizable to lower the threshold to work with free stall sows. The result was Pro Dromi® Basic. A farrowing cubicle with all success factors in Pro Dromi®.

The sow is placed in the middle of the pen so that the udder is easily accessible on both sides if the sow is enclosed, as colostrum is the condition for healthy piglets. In addition, a nice micro climate was created with a transparent cover and heatingplates, so that the piglets are pulled away from the sow as soon as they run free.

The floor is equipped with cast iron and Pro Grip floor for free farrowing sows. Optimal grip for sow and big, but the back of the pen is equipped with tribar steel. This gives extra hygiene and also the function of toilet during free farrowing.

For who?
Together with the ground channel ventilation, the easy entry, the continuous water pipe and easy to open pen, this is a practical and well-functioning pen for companies with a lot of (new) staff. Read more about ground channel ventilation here!

In addition to the farrowing pens, we also have delivered the stable, bear pens, geltenhokken and cast iron for the piglet stable.